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Handicraft Market

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Fortaleza and other cities in Northeastern Brazilian are known for the production of handicraft.
Talented artists produce stuff in clothes, leather, wood, glass, coconuts, sand and more. Prices may seem outrageously low for foreigners: pieces which take days to complete are often sold for less than R$ 100.

There are handicraft shops all around the city (including the airport, where prices are double or triple than the average). The two best places to buy handicraft are the Feirinha do NŠutico (open at evenings only) and the Central Market.

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The Central Market is a building with four floors, designed specifically to be a market; there are dozens of shops in each floor. Shops sell t-shirts, hammocks, clay sculptures, paintings, etc. Shop around before buying; prices are usually similar, but bargaining is always possible.

In the first floor, there are some self-service restaurants (popular, not very refined cuisine).

Official site: Central Market Fortaleza.

Below, some photos of the market.

The market is big. The floors are connected by ramps and stairs. About one hundred shops sell handicraft, t-shirts, regional food, etc.

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