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Fortaleza is an excellent place to buy handicraft. Very talented artists produce several kinds of handicraft, of astonishing quality, and sell for cheap prices.
The two best places to buy handicraft pieces in Fortaleza are the Central Handicraft Market near downtown and this Fair, known as Feirinha de Artesanato, Feirinha da Beira-Mar or Feirinha do Náutico, located by the sea in the Meireles beach.

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The hundreds of stalls where handicraft is sold are assembled and disassembled every day; the first stalls are opened at around 4 pm.
The area around the fair is one the busiest parts of Fortaleza, surrounded by several hotels and restaurants. It is safe and fun to walk from Meireles and Mucuripe to the fair; walking from Iracema is possible (about 1 km from the central Iracema area), but a bus may be more convenient (read about lines Circular 1 and Circular 2 here).

Below, some photos of the Feirinha de Fortaleza.

Handicraft Fortaleza

The area around the fair is busy. The fair is made up of hundreds of small stalls, organized in corridors.

The stalls offer a large variety of products. Above, from left to right, photos of handicraft pieces, regional food (cashew and cachaça are easy to find) and hammocks.

This artist, called Juarez, carves sculptures in wood in front of the public. A piece like the Last Supper, with all apostols in high relief, can go for as little as R$ 60, depending on bargaining.

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