Fortaleza, Ceará

Climate in Fortaleza

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The graph below shows temperature and rain precipitation levels in Fortaleza.
climate in Fortaleza
Source: Brazilian Institute of Space Research

Temperature in Fortaleza

The graph shows that there is very little variation in the average temperature of Fortaleza. This phenomenom happens because Fortaleza lies very near the Equatorial Line (see map of Ceará); the closer a place is to the Equatorial Line, the smaller the temperature amplitude along the year.
Temperature ranges from a minimum of 26 oC and 28 oC (or between 79 oF and 82 oC).

Raining in Fortaleza

The graph shows that there are two well defined seasons in Fortaleza: a dry season and a wet season.
The wet season goes from February to June, when it is Summer and Autumn in Brazil (notice that people from Fortaleza erroneously refer to the season as "inverno", of Winter). The increase in precipitation causes a slight decrease in average temperature.
The dry seasons goes from July to January. During this period, Fortaleza becomes one of the driest cities in Brazil; not uncommonly, several months go by without one single showering day.
Even during the wet season, rains come in showers, rather than storms (which do happen, occasionally). Also, because precipitation in Fortaleza is caused by evaporation/condensation, rather than by the collision of cold and warm fronts, it is very uncommon to see lightinings and thunders in Fortaleza.

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