Fortaleza, Ceará

Fortaleza bus station


The official name of the Forteza bus station is Rodoviária São Tomé.
Address: Rodoviária São Tomé - Av. Borges de Melo, 1630 - Phone: (85) 3256-2100.
The bus station is located a few kilometers away from the Fortaleza airport and about 15 km from Iracema beach (check out this map of Fortaleza).

Below, some photos of the Bus Station.
Fortaleza bus station ticket offices

Photos above show the ticket offices. Notice that the bus station of Fortaleza is very modest, in comparison with the modern airport.
The round red kioske in the middle is an official tourist office; staff is helpful with providing maps, directions and even booking hotels, but only Portuguese is spoken.

bus station shopping buses from Fortaleza

The station has a few shoppings, providing only basic services: restaurants, cafeterias, news stands, souvenirs shops (prices are higher than in other markets). The toilets charge a fee.
Buses leave from the lower pavement. There are different accesses for intra and inter-State buses.

Important bus companies

Inter State companies:
»Expresso Guanabara, founded and with head offices in Fortaleza, operates lines to several cities in the Northeast of Brazil.
»To go to Natal, the only option is Viação Nordeste. The company used to maintain a site at, but it has been off line for some time.
»For really long distance trips (to and from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo), check out these companies: Sao Geraldo, Itapemirim and Nossa Senhora da Penha.

Intra State companies:
The Department of Highways and Transportation of the State of Ceará published a page with a list of all bus lines in Ceara; notice, however, that the list hasn't been updated since 2002.

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