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Despite not being an official Saint, Padre Cícero is the most worshiped person in Ceará, and is referred to as 'the Saint of Sertão'. Juazeiro, the city where Padre Cícero lived most of his life, is visited by millions of pilgrims every year.

Padre Cicero Statue

The places most visited by the pilgrims are the Padre Cícero Statue, the Capela de Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro (Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help) and the Padre Cícero Memorial.

Padre Cícero Statue

The mainplace of visitation is Horto Mountain, atop of which there is Padre Cícero's statue. Cícero used to come to the top of this hill for spiritual retirement.
The sculpture is 33 meter (108 feet) high, being 25 meters of the statue and 8 meters of the supporting base. It was sculpted by an artist called Armando Lacerda, and open to exhibition in 1969.
Besides the statue, visitors can check out the Northeastern Popular Culture Live Museum, a chapel and stores where souvenirs can be purchased. On the mountain slope, the holy path is an attraction.

Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Perpetual Help Chapel

Songs and prayers chanted by pilgrims form the atmosphere at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel, where Padre Cícero Romão Batista's was buried on July 20th of 1934; witnesses say that 80 thousand people attended the funeral. The Chapel was dedicated in 1908; it was built by order of Padre Cícero. The chapel is crowded with pilgrims filled with faith. The square in front of the church is also full of people.
It's time to ask Cícero, who is considered a Saint by many northeasterners, to ask God for graces to be achieved.

In front of the church, built in a neoclassic style, there is an oratory and a plaster image of Cícero.
Next to it, the House of Miracles, where pilgrims leave pictures, objects, notes and ex-votes (wounded body parts made of wood to be cured by divine force). On top of the tombstone, inside the chapel, people place objects to be blessed by Padre Cícero. Also next to it, there is a cemetery where the pious women devoted to the priest are buried. The chapel is on rua Santa Luzia.

Padre Cícero Memorial

Memorial Padre Cicero
Padre Cicero Memorial

A city moved by the faith in Padre Cícero Romão Batista needed a memorial to remember this political leader considered to be the founder of the city. The priest became an icon of religiousness in Cariri as well as in the Northeast. In the Memorial, tourists can see cassock robes, oratories, hats and other things that belonged to this catholic man. Among the objects in the collection, there are photos, books and paintings portraying Padre Cícero's life.

The Memorial promotes seminars and video exhibits in an auditorium. The memorial is at Cinqüentenário Square, next to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel. Telephone for further information: 00 55 88 3512-5219.

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