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This town offers tourists old architecture, religiousness and natural attractions. In Pacatuba, 20 km away from the capital and accessed by CE-060, visitors find two-storey homes built at the end of the 18th century and in the beginning of the 19th, built in the prosperous coffee epoch.

Pacatuba downtown

With around 59 thousand inhabitants, Pacatuba promotes the greatest outdoor play in the State, the Passion of the Christ, which happens every Easter; it is played by local actors (see report by newspaper O Povo about the Passion of Christ in Pacatuba in 2008).
Tourists who visit this town can get to know churches with old architecture. Among the religious events is the part for Our Lady do Carmo, an opportunity to get to know the local cuisine, and a party for Our Lady of Fatima. Pacatuba also has quadrilha parties during the June Festival.

The natural attraction is the Ecotourist Station in Andréias Park, with waterfalls and natural pools, whose springs are in the Aratanha Mountain (Pacatuba and Aratanha became famous in 1982 because an airplane crashed against the mountains and killed 154 people; until 2006, this was the worst air accident in Brazil History). Tourists can also appreciate the landscape at Boaçu Lake, with orchids, bromeliads and wild palm trees, besides Pimpim Cave, Paraíso Waterfall, Bicudo and Letreiro Peaks. The stone-quarry located at the foot of Aratanha Mountain, is visited for the practice of rappel.

More information about Pacatuba: Official site, maintained by the city Government.

Source of information: State of Ceara Tourism Authority.

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