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Distance from Fortaleza: 102 km.
Population: 6,020 inhab. (2006)

Map of Guaramiranga

Beautiful, peaceful and cozy, these are three features that describe the town of Guaramiranga very well. Also known as the "Flower Town", its temperature ranges from, 18° C to 25° C, being the main responsible for the spectacle of flowers that blossom in town.

From Pico Alto, the highest spot of Baturité Mountain Range, 1115 meter (3658 ft) high, one can have the spectacular view of sertão (backwoods) below and of part of Pacoti River, which begins in Guaramiranga. Access is possible by the ecologic tracks or by an asphalt pavement road. Tourists can also visit Guaramiranga Ecologic Park, an area of environmental protection, São Paulo and Urubu Waterfalls, besides the Mountain Track and Trekking Park.

Guaramiranga's handcraft has braids, bamboo, liana, wicker and flower items. The artistic talent of the community is shown in plays, folk dances and in the town band presentations. One of the highlights is Raquel de Queiroz Theater and other important cultural attractions are Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Conceição Churches and the Capuchin Convent., which has already been a seminary and is nowadays a pleasant inn.

The town, with approximately 6 thousand inhabitants, counts on great cultural events like the Northeastern Amateur Theater Festival, which gathers the best drama groups in the northeast, the Fondue Festival, Patroness Our Lady of Conceição Party, Flower Art and the great alternative event during the period of Brazilian carnival: the Jazz and Blues Festival, gathering the greatest regional, national and international musicians.

Parque das Trilhas (Trails Park)

rapel in guaramiranga
Rapel in Guaramiranga

See website: Parque das Trilhas.
Enjoying nature and all it offers is the command in the Trails Park. As the name suggests, this place is full of tracks with different levels of difficulties, which visitors can choose. During the walk, there is the natural spectacle with the flora and fauna. The Brazilian Institute for Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) has already classified 212 bird species in the Baturité Mountain Range, 158 of them are found in the park.

Nature and adrenaline form a special combination in Guaramiranga. Besides these natural trails, the park offers other emotions, such as the canopy, the three-rope bridge and rappel. All these activities are followed by instructors to make tourists safe. The Trails Park is in Guaramiranga Farm, less than 1 km away from the square where Rachel de Queiroz Theater is located. It's open Saturdays and Sundays.

Jazz and Blues


Visit website: Jazz e Blues.
People covered up with coats walk on the streets. To the sound of basses, guitars, drums and classical instruments, a good glass of wine goes with the music. The mist over town gives us the feeling of touching the sky. Important detail: this is the weather in the summer. And more: in the middle of carnival! This is the environment where the Guaramiranga Jazz and Blues Festival takes place. Since 2000, the festival is a great option to run away from the excitement of traditional carnival parties at Cearense beaches.

Ceará is also the land of jazz and blues, as carnival in Guaramiranga confirms. Local, national and international attractions feature on the main squares and in the two theaters in town, attracting visitors from many different places of the Country and the world. However the festival doesn't attract only jazz and blues fans: different kinds of people visit Guaramiranga, since the festival offers an important musical mix.

Important musicians, such as the American Stanley Jordan and the Canadian band Without Words, have already showed up at the Jazz and Blues Festival. Mazinho Ventura, Blues Label, Hermeto Pascoal, Renato Borghetti and other important musicians and national and local bands have been to Guaramiranga. The party doesn't end until Ash Wednesday. After Carnival, the good music steps down to Fortaleza to attract its jazz and blues lovers to the presentations.

Festival Nacional do Teatro - Theater National Festival

Once a year, Guaramiranga becomes the main gathering stage for the best regional drama talents. The congregation of these groups happens during the Northeastern Drama Festival (FNT), which takes place in this town. Nowadays, the festival also takes attractions to other towns in the Baturité Mountain Range, like Pacoti.

The event has been happening since 1993 to encourage drama production in the Northeast. Besides the competitive plays, during the FNT, the drama professionals have the opportunity to discuss ideas related to drama, with seminars, forums, workshops and discussions.

Capuchin Monastery

In the 19th century, in the coffee golden era, an elegant building was constructed to be a seminary. Today, the construction known as the Capuchin Monastery is a relaxing inn and is still run by these religious men.
The inner gardens are an extra attraction, with flowers and other typical plants from Guaramiranga Mountain. Next to this beautiful piece of nature and architecture, the church for Our Lady of Lourdes, built in 1935, gives a bucolic touch to the environment.
More information on the phone: 00 55 85 3321-1112.

Accommodation in Guaramiranga

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Source of information: State of Ceara Tourism Authority.

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