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Distance from Fortaleza: 128 km (79 mi).

The name Aratuba means, in Indian language, "plenty of birds".

With an altitude of 915 meters, Aratuba has attracted many tourists that seek to have direct contact with nature. The town has approximately 13,2 thousand inhabitants and is 128 km from Fortaleza. Access is made by highways CE-060, CE-065 and CE-356.

Visitors find architectural treasures in town, which were built in the coffee golden age, a traditional farming in Aratuba, since the beginning of the 19th century. The ones interested in sports and cultural tourism also like this town.

Besides Rural Tourism, Aratuba attracts visitors interested in Ecotourism, due to its natural beauties that include mountain and backwoods. The predominant vegetation is the Atlantic Forest.

There are many tourist spots to be visited, such as St. Francis de Paula Church, in baroque style, Fernandes' Community, recognized by the Indian National Foundation as a reserve belonging to the Candindé tribes and Pereiras' Home, a big historical house in town.

Among the natural attractions is the Mussú Peak, 1043 m high, which displays a panoramic view of the cities of Itapiúna, Caridade and Canindé. Tourists can also visit Acarape Peak and Pindoba Waterfall, which has a four-meter waterfall forming a natural pool. Quebra-Faca (Knife Breaker) sightseeing spot is located in the Fernandes Indian community and it has a track with a great landscape. From the top, tourists see the towns of Canindé, Caridade, Paramoti and General Sampaio.

Source of information: State of Ceara Tourism Authority.

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