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Distance from Fortaleza: 255 km (158 mi);

The name Acaraú is of Indian origin and means "river of the garças" (garça is a specie of long legged bird which used to exist in the area).

Notice that the river forms a valley in some areas of the interior of the State, which gained the name Valley of Acaraú; the city of Sobral is the largest in the the Valley.

Acaraú River draws the scenery in town. With its social, economic and historical development on the banks of the river, Acaraú has beaches, marshes, islands, lakes and a valuable historical heritage. Visitors can find big houses, churches and squares in old architecture. There are approximately 50 thousand inhabitants in town. Acaraú is 255 km from Fortaleza, with access by CE-085, BR-222, passing by CE-354, BR-402 and BR-403.

On the river banks there are many natural attractions. The river is part of Carnaubal Municipal Ecologic Park and it has marshes and huge areas covered with carnaúba palm trees. Another attraction is the vegetation, which varies from caatinga (brushwood), typical in the northeastern backwoods, to coastal vegetation.

On the Camboa banks, visitors find clubs, leisure areas and shipyards. Barrinha Beach is a fishing center and jangada boats are part of the landscape. Another place tourists can visit is Coroa Grande Beach, with a great diversity of landscapes (river, ocean and marshes) and peaceful waters, which are dark green colored. Volta do Rio Beach attracts visitors because of its religious parties and carnivals. Acaraú still has perfectly preserved lagoons.

Source of information: State of Ceara Tourism Authority.

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