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Porto das Dunas

Beaches in Ceara
Sun Rising Coast

Distance from Fortaleza: 30 km (19 mi)
See the indication of the Beach Park at this map of beaches East of Fortaleza.

The name means Port of Dunes, and was given after the numerous dunes found in the region.
Access to Porto das Dunas is by CE-40, or following avenues and roads alongside the coast heading Eastbound from Fortaleza.

Only 31 km separate busy Fortaleza and peaceful Porto das Dunas. The main characteristics of the beach are an excellent hotel structure and beautiful natural landscapes. These two factors together allow a good and pleasant place visit to the place. Visitors can stay in resorts or in Beach Houses available for rent.
The area of Porto das Dunas, like others in the vicinity of Fortaleza, like Aquiraz and Cumbuco, are seeing a quick increase in real estate building (and speculation). More and more foreign tourists are realizing that living (or having a second home) in Fortaleza is a good thing; the Economy grows fast, in order to provide houses and infrastructure for all these newcomers.

Beach Park Tourist Complex is part of the landscape in Porto das Dunas, with restaurants and entertainment; it is one of the largest water parks in South America. Beach Park is not as big as its American counterpart Wet and Wild, but has the advantage of being located on an ever sunny place. Huge slides, artificial waterfalls and restaurants, offering local, national and international cuisines, besides glider and helicopter rides, are entertainment options at the complex.

There are other attractions in Porto das Dunas. An example of a place which looks like a postcard is the encounter of Pacoti River and the ocean. Besides relaxing moments, tourists can search for adventure on 4x4 vehicles on the dunes. On the road from Porto das Dunas to the town of Aquiraz, visitors can see the eolic park, which has a beautiful landscape and sunset; also in Aquiraz, the first capital of Ceará, there are Historic buildings left by the Jesuits and a rich Sacred Arts Museum.

Tourists at Porto das Dunas can also visit Cofeco Beach, 7 km away, taking a local road. Another option is going to Prainha, where artists, before the annual boat race, paint jangada boat sails with pictures of the fishermen's everyday life. This event is known as Navergarte. Prainha is only 5 km away from Porto das Dunas. There, visitors can also see the handcraft made by local women.

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