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Jericoacoara beach

Sun Setting Coast

Jericoacoara is situated about 327 km (200 mi) to the West from Fortaleza, near the border with the State of Maranhão.
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The place is often referred to as Jeri.
The name Jericoacoara is of Indian origin, and according to the most accepted theory, its meaning is 'hole of turtles', a reference to the holes that sea turtles dig to lay eggs in.

Jericoacoara beach
Dunes of Jericoacoara

For mystical people, Jericoacoara has a different energy going on, different from all other places. All concerns must be set aside and only the landscapes matter, since Jericoacoara is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world, according to The Washington Post (according to an article published on The Post Travel Magazine in 1994).

No one denies the natural beauties of the dunes, the lagoons formed among them, the sculptures like Pedra Furada, an icon in this place. In the evening, forró, reggae and techno invade the village. Another option is to enjoy Jeri's dunes at night, listening to a peaceful guitar in the wind.

Windsurf lovers find guaranteed winds in Jericoacoara, considered one of the best beaches to practice this sport. Surfing is also a highlight, as well as rallies, trekking and other adventure sports. Capoeira gathers the population and draws the attention of the tourists. Sandboard is another activity growing in the dunes of Jeri.

Pedra Furada, Jericoacoara

With a fixed population of about 15 thousand inhabitants, what looks like a fishermen's village, actually hides a big structure that has been developed for many years and pleases all visitors. International and regional cuisine struggle harmonically for attention and food options range from pizza to the traditional banana cake.

To preserve the rich environment, besides having awareness projects for the inhabitants, Jericoacoara has become a protected area and is located inside Jericoacoara National Park.

Pedra Furada

One of the most famous scenes in postcards of Ceará is at Jericoacoara Beach. It's the Pierced Rock called Pedra Furada, a beautiful result of the action of the wind, sea and time. In July, tourists visiting this place can see the sun setting through the hole, which was sculpted by erosion right in the middle of the rock.

Furada Rock can be visited during the low tide, passing by Malhada and Pontal Beaches. This attraction is about 3 km away and it can be visited with a pleasant walk. On the way, guides tell tourists about other famous rocks nearby, such as Tartaruga and Jacaré Rocks.

Nightlife in Jericoacoara

After a sunny day enjoying excitements only one of the most beautiful beaches in the world can provide, it is time to prepare for the nightlife in Jericoacoara.

Activities start on top of the Sunset Dune, watching the spectacle of the sun setting into the sea. Tourists are gathered there to watch the day come to an end. When night falls over Jeri, it is time to choose what kind of music to listen and dance to, what to eat and what to drink. Bars and places promoting parties please everyone for the variety of rhythms and styles, being reggae and forró the highlights. There's also a guaranteed room for techno. To drink, caipirinha.

Jericoacoara is 313 km from Fortaleza, Access by BR-222 and BR-402, passing by CEs-085, 422, 354, 402 and 179.

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