Fortaleza, Ceará

Buses to Canoa Quebrada and Aracati

Canoa Quebrada

Buses linking Fortaleza an Aracati leave from the main Bus Station in Fortaleza.

bus to Aracati
Photo: Viação Guanabara

The only company which goes all the way from Fortaleza to Canoa Quebrada is Viação São Benedito (no website). Telephones are (085) 32721232 in Fortaleza and (088) 34212020 in Aracati.
Two other companies, Guanabara and Nordeste (see links to websites below), go as far as Aracati only. From there, you must take a taxi or a collective van to Canoa Quebrada, about 12 km away from Aracati.
The distance between Fortaleza and Aracati is about 160 km, all in paved roads; the trip takes between three and four hours. Buses from São Benedito are older and slower; buses from Guanabara and Nordeste have air conditioned.

See time tables:

Viação São Benedito Guanabara Nordeste

(085) 32721232 Fortaleza
(088) 34212020 Aracati

(085) 34336400 Fortaleza
(088) 34211385 Aracati

(085) 3256-2342 Fortaleza
(088) 3421-1440 Aracati

Fortaleza > Canoa Quebrada
08:30 h
13:40 h
15:40 h

Fortaleza > Aracati
7:00 h
12:00 h
18:30 h

Fortaleza > Aracati
8:00 h
13:00 h
18:00 h

Canoa Quebrada > Fortaleza
06:00 h
14:30 h
17:30 h

Aracati > Fortaleza
6:15 h
8:00 h
11:30 h
16:40 h

Aracati > Fortaleza
6:30 h
9:30 h
11:40 h
14:00 h
14:40 h
19:30 h
20:30 h

The Nordeste company also operates buses running from Natal to Fortaleza, which stop in Aracati.

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