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camocim beach
Banks of Coreaú River, near Camocim

The town, 379km from Fortaleza, used to be a harbor town and is now part of the Cearense economy as one of the main fishing centers in the State.

The preservation of architectural façades and old constructions make Camocim charming and beautiful.
The main leisure area is on the banks of Coreaú River and tourists can't miss the marshy environment on a boat ride to Ilha do Amor (Island of Love) with many possible adventures on the other side of the river.

At Barra dos Remédios, visitors can see one of the highest dunes in Ceará. This place is surrounded by mobile dunes that change the environment, surprising people every time they come back. Tourists can rent 4 x 4 vehicles to visit Tatajuba community, near Jericoacoara, where the scenery is a preserved paradise. It's important not to forget visiting Boqueirão, Torta and Seco Lakes.

This town has good quality lodgings, with international standard hotels (see further below).
The population is about 57.7 thousand and its gastronomy is in harmony with the town's natural talent: fishing. Folk expressions and handcraft are also highlights.

Coreaú River

In a few kilometers, the landscape with marshes changes into dunes and beach in Camocim.
The main character in this scenery is Coreaú River, which separates the town from Amor Island and other natural attractions, such as the lagoons in the middle of the dunes. To cross the river and get to know these beauties, local inhabitants transport tourists and cars with a ferry-boat.

Ideal for a relaxing boat ride enjoying the several islands in the river and to practice water sports, the estuary of Coreaú River also has beautiful salt-mines and a rich fauna in the marshes. Visitors can watch the white sands in the marshes contrasting with the roots and trunks which are typical in that environment.

Torta Lagoon

Enjoy delicious fish and sip cold drinks inside a lagoon with fresh and clear waters, surrounded by dunes, carnauba and cashew trees. This is Torta Lagoon, where visitors can try shrimp, lobster, grilled or garlic and oil fish and also sip cold beer without leaving the water. And the best, lying in a hammock.

Want to relax even more? How about a canoe ride? Another essential option. For those who don't want to rest but want adventure, there are adventure sports in this place. The winds cooperate with the kitesurf practitioners.

Tatajuba Beach

Between Camocim and Jericoacoara, one of the wonders in Ceará: Tatajuba Beach. Clear and warm waters, coconut trees spread all over the huge sand extension, dunes and also wide marshes are characteristics of this beach. Tatajuba is inside the Environmentally Protected Area of Jericoacoara, which guarantees the preservation of this place.

Visitors must stop by the lagoon, which is named after the beach, and enjoy a refreshing bath. To reach this paradise, a 4x4 vehicle is necessary. Adventure lovers leaving Jeri, go through an inlet on a barge to reach Tatajuba.

Note: is the website of a large condo project, which according to this site could put in risk the environmental balance of the area.

To drive to Camocim (there is no airport in the town), take highways CE-085, CE-422, CE-326, BR-222 and BR-402.

The movie above shows Camocim beach, during the low tide.

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Hotels in Camocim (open in new window):
»Boa Vista Resort. Large (123 rooms), high standard hotel. Recommended.
»Camocim Park Hotel. By the sea, includes a water park.
»Hotel Ilha do Amor. Island of Love Hotel.

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Source of photo and information: Tourism Authority of Ceara.

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