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Iracema statueIracema is the main character of a novel with the same name written by Brazilian writer José de Alencar. The novel tells the story of Iracema and Martim Soares Moreno; Moreno was one of the first Portuguese to come to explore Fortaleza (read History of Ceará), and Iracema would be his wife.

Iracema became so associated with Fortaleza (hence the name of Iracema beach) that a few statues of her were built and are exhibited in the city. This one was sculpted in concrete by Corbiniano Lins, and displays Iracema, Martim Afonso, their son and their dog, sitting on a jangada.
The artist preferred a modernist approach, which resulted in some corporal distortions, like disproportional thick legs and large breasts. Despite some criticisms, this Iracema has been in exposition since 1965, and was for a long time the most famous landmark of Fortaleza.

A few years ago, a New Statue of Iracema, made in metal, was put to exhibition in the Iracema Beach.
The map below shows the locations of the Old Statue (right hand side of map) and the New Statue, which are separated by about 4 km.

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The statue is located in Mucuripe beach; Mucuripe is until today the place with concentration of jangadas and, according to the novel, is the place where Iracema would be overlooking the sea, awaiting for the return of Martim Afonso.

Below, some photos of the Iracema statue.

Iracema statue

Iracema, her wife and son are permanently watching the shore in Fortaleza.

Details of the sculpture. The building in the back is Iracema Flat (see hotels in the Mucuripe area here).

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