Fortaleza, Ceará

Tips for eating out in Fortaleza

Fortaleza Restaurants

On April 13th 2005, when Fortaleza was turning 279 years old, the newspaper O Povo published a list of 12 tips about the best eating places in town. It is interesting to notice that several of the tips make reference to places elected by Veja magazine as the best restaurants in Fortaleza.
The original list is here (in Portuguese only).

The tips:
1) Visit Restaurant Delta.
The restaurant has tables in the open air, by the scenery of the Lagoon of Parangaba.

2) Eat acarajé with plenty of dendę oil in the walk way of Beira-Mar avenue.
Acarajé is a kind of pastry made of smashed beans, typical of Bahia. There are a few "bahianas" frying and selling acarajé in the Beira-Mar avenue.

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