Fortaleza, Ceará

Seafood in Ceará

Fortaleza Restaurants

The State of Ceará has about 573 km (339 mi) of coast. Fish and seafood are a common component of the local food.

Translation of a few words related to seafood:

Portuguese English
Peixe Fish
Lagosta Lobster
Camarão Shrimp
Ostra Oyster
Frutos do Mar Sea food
Caranguejo Crab
Polvo Octopus
Lula Calamari, squid

Some suggestions:

  • There is a dish made with fish called "peixada cearense"; this is served in many restaurants, from humble to posh variations. Recipe: pieces of fish stewed with vegetables (onion, carrot, tomato) and boiled eggs; served with rice and "pirão" (thick broth based on manyoc). Probably, the most typical dish in Fortaleza and Ceará.

  • Ceará is the largest producer of lobster in Brazil. Even so, lobster is still a luxury, and one of the most expensive dishes in Fortaleza. From January 1st to April 30th, the mating period of lobsters, the fishing is prohibited, which may have impact on availability and prices of lobster.

  • Crabs (caranguejo) is another typical food of Fortaleza. It is served in most "barracas" (kioskes) in the beach. The most common way to eat crab: the crab is boiled in salty water or, sometimes, in coconut milk; the entire crab is brought to you with a small wooden hammer and a small piece of flat wood; you break the crab with the hammer and eats piece by piece. Eating crab takes some practice.

  • If you are a fan of seafood, keep your eyes open for "caldeirada". Basically, it is a big pan where all kind of seafood is stewed: lobster, octopus, shrim, fish, calamari, etc.

  • Another tip for fish and seafood appreciators: try a dish called "moqueca" (or muqueca). It is original from Bahia. The ingredients are not a secret (fish, vegetables and condiments), but just like the Spanish paella, there is a secret way to prepare moqueca, which makes it an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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